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Devastated aOwner
Devastated @ SCWorks Prison

Prison. A building (or vessel) in which people are legally held as a punishment for crimes they have committed or while awaiting trial. Or in other words a server minigame for Minecraft servers! 

Anyways, if you haven't heard we will be making minor changes to the Prison server. No we are not going to reset it or anything absurd. Just simple little tweaks that should make it more enjoyable. If you're curious what those changes may be well I'll list them at the end of this post which is basically right now.

  • A couple of more permissions for some of the later ranks
  • New warps
  • May put in a Market (not sure yet)
  • New kits
  • Maybe tweak donator ranks to have access to more utilities
  • People who make a video on Youtube or advertise (NOT ON OTHER SERVERS) will get a rank with kits and such
  • If you've been with us for a while you'd know we had a "Secret Shop" we will be bringing that back

Nothing to big as you can tell but they are still changes. I just thought I'd like some of you know we are working on Prison still and we will make it awesome!

Thanks for reading


Ducklie MIT What is the requirements for getting this "youtuber" rank kit?
IcedemonKingPvP Ask Deluxe About That
TheSwaggiestPig (awsome_man) yea ik you guys are working really hard on all these plugins, but can I ask that u guys add /skinset ? im tired of being...



My name is StarXtory, and I will be designing the new website
for SCWorksPvP! Now, you might wonder who I am and/or what I
do. I am a Designer who has recently entered the world of coding.

I will be developing this website not only to improve, but also to
help this server grow to what it deserves to be.

I can not specify when the developement will be finished, but be sure
to report any bugs you might notice in the website!

Merry christmas!



We are excited to tell you that old kind of factions have been released!

Just for information:

- Every donator will get his/her donator rank/perk back From old server! 

- Melon economy is back with harvester!

- Ranks (Diablo, Radioactive, Nuclear, Electified, Monster, Lumineer, Dovahkiin, Silverblood, Annihilator, Ultra, Legendary, Demi-God, God, Titan, Leviathan, Archangel and Lucifer)

- Warps - no more GUI shop (shop, nether, end, ultra and titan shop...)
       - Diamonds spawn 200% more

- Donator Ranks (Supporter, VIP, SerratedMaster, Beheader, Void, SoulStealer, Quinsanity, Kainsanity)

- OP things we all loved!

and far more to come!


         SCWorks' Staff

cocta293 I loved that server! ! <333333333333333
Agerax Great way to welcome me back. Fuck yeah!