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Lately, I've noticed a "issue" around the prison server that I briefly spoke about in the previous News Post. It's the price needed to rankup to the next rank and the shop prices. 

The issue we have with Prison is that we do not have a shop system what so ever. People can mine for 4 seconds in A mine and become E just by selling in that shop.
That should not happen what so ever.
In order to fix this issue we need to develope a system. For example let's say in A mine the price to sell Iron Blocks and all the other blocks are 1k. One stack easily makes 64k
One inventory full makes 2.3 million which would help them rankup 2 ranks already to get to C.

This should not happen what so ever.

When is this gonna happen?

There is no date that I will do this. This is just a post saying that I am changing the rankup prices and shop prices slowly.


Because, yes.

But, seriously. I'm gonna change the rankup prices and shop prices soon. It'll be a system that I make that should even out almost every rank.

I'm also probably gonna reset everyones money...again.

IllstrtdDeity The mine in ./warp x is just not fair due to it's selling price when full inventory pls fix that ty. The only way y...
dattkiddj MIT Get it together m8
dattkiddj MIT Dux fix the crashes m8 plz...

Well, it's been a while since I've made a post about prison so I thought I should update everyone and what we've done and what we should of done last month and this month.


Currently we've been working on the new ranks and so far we're done. If we're "done" then why don't we release them you say? Well, we have the ranks done but not the warps. Currently if I did mental math correctly we need about 28% more to go for warps to be completely done with and be released. Though I also need to setup the prices for the ranks which is something I will talk about in the next section of this post.

Ranking Up Prices

While sitting around all day and noticing chat more often. I notice that people rankup very quickly very fast. They may become Q in less than a matter of seconds. Which brings me to the conclusion of changing the rankup prices. I've developed a plan which makes it more easy on people to rankup. I am not changing the shop prices just the rankup prices is what i'm thinking of changing. What is this "plan?" Well I really can't say what it is or it'll be to easy to rankup. No one knows it besides myself how I plan on changing the rankup prices.


I should of finished this a long time ago but I seriously have no clue as what to put for the VoteParty! I've asked and received no responses. So I seriously need to hear from you guys what the hell to put into the rewards for when we achieve our goal.


I need to make this loud and clear. That I am NOT looking for ANY staff anymore for prison. The ONLY time we will ever get staff is if someone gets demoted. And it has happened but they have already been replaced. So, please stop asking.

pucheon Prison are op when u vote but i want u to make rank in faction so they can rankup hopefully they will add ingameranks in...
jim9192001 what if I wanna be a builder? XD
TheSwaggiestPig awsome_man yea I have some stuff to say. First, will we keep our ranks and/or will anything reset? Next, For the vote party, we/I d...

This is just a update post on what is to come for prison (I HOPE) or what we've recently added.


This is a new sale plugin we're starting to use. We may continue using it we may not. It's basically a new and easier way that you can sell your items instead of having to hit a sign multiple times to sell all your items. It comes with

Fortune Blocks (Auto)

Auto Smelt (Auto)

Auto Block (/block)

Auto Sell (/as donors only) REMOVED DUE TO BUG

This plugin makes it a little more easier for us to handle shops and easier for you guys to sell items.


This is a new crate plugin that I've found and the purpose of it is basically I configure the items that you may be able to get. For example you may be able to get a custom diamond sword or pickaxe or rare blocks that may help you.

This shows you before you open the crate what items you may be able to get. Of course these aren't the items you will really receive it is just a image used so you can see how this works. The way you will be able to receive this crates is by voting! Which is what the next plugin I will show you is. Currently voting is not enabled due to it messing around with Buycraft removing the /buy command. But I have fixed that now and I will try and set up the voting system as fast as possible since it requires multiple server restarts and I didn't want to do it when at least 20 people were in Prison.


This plugin is basically what it's called. When a certain number of votes is received it runs a command for example if we receive 5 votes or something it gives everyone who is currently online a crate (pictured above) and you can open it. Many things can be done with this plugin and many things will be done with this plugin.

More Ranks

Currently we're working on even more ranks (78 in total but 26 will be released soon) some players already know of this while some do not. If you've been with us with a while it contains some old rank names and new rank names. Warps are being built by ZepherosMC along with other random people who are up for the task but ZepherosMC is in charge of warps I'm just here to keep them and him in order. I'm hoping to be able to release these ranks by the first week or second week of March.

Thank you for reading this post! I hope I can release these three plugins and bring more features to Prison soon.


jim9192001 This is great( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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